Sun May 16 2021


Landscape Ecology seminars

17 October 2018

Prof. David J. Mladenoff, visiting professor at the Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences will hold the cycle seminar Landscape Ecology at Aula Selvicoltura – Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (Largo Paolo Braccini 2, Grugliasco – Turin).

David J. Mladenoff is heading up the Forest Ecosystem and Landscape Ecology Lab. The lab conducts research, graduate education, and outreach, primarily in forested ecosystems. Work done in laboratory seeks to understand the basis of sustainable forest landscapes. Projects includes forest ecosystem field studies, forest landscape modeling of land use and climate change effects, GIS and remote sensing applications, analysis of the effects of forest management practices and natural disturbances on ecosystems, the influence of landscape-scale factors on wildlife populations, and effects of land use and historical factors on current landscape patterns and ecosystem processes.